What is family law?

Family law is comprised of legal actions including pre-marital agreements; separation agreements, divorce, alimony, marital property division, child custody, and child support; adoption and visitation rights; and support obligations. Family law also extends to topics such as elder law; estates, trusts, and wills; and domestic violence. What constitutes family law may vary from state to state.

Elements of family law can be charged with emotionally explosive issues that can have drastic impacts on a case. Favorable family resolutions are often lost in emotional turmoil.

An attorney specializing in family law can help create better results for a client by providing clear guidance and working to find a fair and sensible solution, with a goal of dissuading clients who ask to "go for the jugular" from following that track. An attorney’s sensible approach will help avoid extra legal fees, case delays, family stress, child upset, and failure to achieve the expected outcome that can frequently be the result of a more drastic approach.

A family law attorney can also direct clients to resources to help deal with the emotional turmoil brought on by family issues. See the helpful links page for more information.


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