Mark R. Schwartz is an experienced personal injury and family law attorney who has been practicing in California and the Los Angeles area since 1979. Although not every legal issue needs to go to trial, Mark has an extensive record of obtaining successful outcomes on behalf of clients.

When you work with a professional such as a lawyer, the issue(s) over which you sue can be very upsetting. It is important to have not only someone on your side who believes in you and your cause, but someone with whom you can connect as he fights for you in a court of law. When you are Mark's client, he believes in you and your cause. He invests himself fully into your case. 

Mark is sensitive to client needs and puts those needs first. He strives to provide each client with the personalized attention and knowledgeable legal counsel her or she deserves. Mark is the kind of attorney who you actually speak with, instead of interacting with only the staff. He handles his own cases and does his own work, doing it hand-in-hand with the client toward resolution.

Mark has handled high-profile legal cases, as well as those that don't make the news--with a high rate of positive verdicts and settlements. He conveys professionalism, and has a unique ability to connect with the jury in presenting your case.

The field of law has developed a negative stigma that tends to vilify all lawyers as ambulance-chasers, sharks, or liars. But Mark's personal ethics and integrity prevent him from taking cases which are false or misleading. Law is about seeking justice and the truth. Mark prides himself on helping to find that justice and truth for his clients.

Mark R. Schwartz is a graduate of Boston University and Southwestern School of Law. He is a member of the Boston University Alumni Association and the California Bar Association.



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